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Breast Removal


Breast size might be a worrying issue for transmen, especially when it comes to self-esteem. Mastectomy, a surgical operation to remove breasts and reduce the size of areolas, allows patients’ breasts to look as masculine as possible while still feeling perfectly fine.

For transgender mastectomy or top surgery, surgeons remove the excess breast mass, flatten the breasts, and reduce the size of the areolas, making them less sensitive and more natural. This may vary depending on the surgical approaches used for the operation.

Should I choose ‘breast surgery’ or ‘hormone therapy’ first?

  • Getting breast surgery before hormone therapy can make you appear more like a man because you won’t have breasts. However, your voice, facial structure, beard growth, and skin will still remain feminine. When you start hormone therapy, your voice may deepen, your facial structure may change, and you may develop facial hair, making you appear more masculine.
  • Starting hormone therapy before breast surgery can lead to voice changes, facial hair growth, and alterations in facial features that make someone appear more masculine, even while they still have breasts. When preparing for breast surgery, it’s necessary to stop hormone therapy. However, the duration of stopping hormone therapy varies for each individual, which may lead to some people experiencing another menstrual cycle or reverting to feminine characteristics, depending on the person.

Requirements for Top Surgery

  1. Patients must have undergone physical examination to ensure that they will not have complications or health conditions after the surgery.
  2. Patients must be certified by 2 or more psychologists that they have gender identity disorder and are demanding to receive the surgery.
  3. Must have experienced living and dressing masculinely for at least 1 year.
  4. Must be at least 20 years old. Parents or guardians must officially declare and provide their consent for a patient under the age of 20 to undergo surgery.

If you are experiencing :

Concerns about the size of your bust as a transitioning female

Breast Removal is the procedure for you, right here, at Wansiri Hospital.

Why Wansiri Hospital ?

At Wansiri Hospital, our surgeon specialists are experts in Mastectomy, so you can get the mastectomy surgery and results you desire. Moreover, infections are reduced due to our standardized operating rooms, with every surgical approach performed by surgeon specialists who are divided into 2 units: anesthesiologists and mastectomy surgeons.


We have a team of devoted and attentive medical experts, certified by The Medical Council of Thailand


We have modern operating rooms, fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment approved by international standards


We have technology that can help visualize your final results before you undergo any kind of procedure


We have medical anesthesiologists/anesthetists that allow you to have a restful and pain-free procedure


We have customized plans for each individual patient that lessens bruising of tissue and ensures a clean incision that heals quickly


We are proud to present premium service standards to achieve the highest level of satisfaction

Depending on the sagging and skin elasticity of the patients, surgical approaches are determined and used by the surgeons as follows:

U-shaped scarring – Suitable for patients with an A-cup size. No areola repositioning is required.

O-shaped scarring – Suitable for patients with an A or B cup size. No areola repositioning is required.

Curved scarring – Suitable for patients with slightly large breasts or slightly sagging breasts. To achieve the most effective result, areolas must be repositioned, which will cause them to lose their sensitivity.

If you have been taking hormone supplements or therapy and your voice begins to change and your physical appearance begins to become more masculine despite still having breasts, when undergoing top surgery, it is required to stop taking hormone supplements! The duration before patients can start taking the supplements again may vary, to the point where some patients might begin to look feminine or go back to having a period again (conditions may vary).


Operation Duration

4-5 Hours (depending on the parts that receive surgery)


Anesthetic or anesthetic at specific spot

Overnight Stay

0-2 Nights (depending on the parts that receive surgery)

Recovery Period

3-5 days after the surgery


The bruises will be gone in 10-14 weeks

Follow-up Period

5 days / 2 weeks / 1 month / 3 months / 6 months


The patient will be in a little pain once the anesthesia wears off.

The patient will be unable to feel sensations around their areola/nipple if they have to be repositioned.

It depends on the surgical technique being used. The plastic surgeon will devise a plan custom to each individual patient. One of the most important factors being considered throughout the process is the visual appeal of the final results.

No, as the plastic surgeon will remove all excess skin.

The incision scar will not fade but will heal in 2 months after undergoing the surgery.

Yes, the patient can undergo areola decoration surgery along with breast removal surgery. However, we recommend that the patient should undergo them separately as it will lessen any chances of infection.

No, the patient will not be able to breastfeed after undergoing Breast Removal surgery.

The patient may still experience some soreness as the plastic surgeon will maintain some parts of the breast to create more beautiful results.

Yes, but the procedure may be slightly more complicated and would depend on the patient’s state of well-being.