“Correcting wrinkles at its root”



Aging, exposure to sunlight, pollution, and stress all play a role in the loss of skin elasticity. It not only causes deep wrinkles and lines all along your neck, but also decreases your confidence.

If you are experiencing :

Visible sagging, folding, or wrinkling of the skin around the neck area

Getting a Neck Lift is the perfect procedure for you, right here, at Wansiri Hospital

Why Wansiri Hospital ?

At Wansiri Hospital, our team of medical experts are able to help lessen the amount of wrinkles and sagging of skin around your neck. Operating at the Sub-SMAS (Sub-Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) layer, we remove excess skin, tightening the skin and tissue around the lower part of your face and neck. This highlights the angle between your chin and neck, smooths out your skin, and creates a fitted and elegant look that will give you back your youth.


We have a team of devoted and attentive medical experts, certified by The Medical Council of Thailand


We have modern operating rooms, fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment approved by international standards


We have medical anesthesiologists/ anesthetists that allow for you to have a restful, pain-free procedure


We have endoscopic technology, minimizing post-procedure scars and swelling


We have subcutaneous surgical methods that tightens your skin in the Sub-SMAS (Sub-Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) layer, ensuring long-lasting results


We are proud to present premium service standards to achieve the highest level of satisfaction


Getting a Neck Lift is often done in conjunction with lifting the lower part of the face. The plastic surgeon will operate and create an incision near the back of the patient’s ear to separate the layer of skin from deeper tissue and muscle. The excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is gently pulled upwards while the deeper facial tissues in the Sub-SMAS is repositioned and tightened. The plastic surgeon may perform some liposuction and remove excess fat, if deemed necessary and sutures will be used to sew the incision shut.


Operation Interval

2 hours


The patient will receive general anesthesia to undergo the procedure

Overnight Stay at Wansiri Hospital

1 night

Recovery time

1-2 weeks, but the patient is able to return to their normal activities 2-3 days post-surgery


Surgical swelling will last 2-3 weeks

Post-surgical Maintenance

10 days (removal of stitches)
1 month
3 months
6 months


The Neck Lift procedure will help tighten and smooth out patients’ skin around their neck and lower part of their face, but will not prevent the deterioration of the patients’ skin as they age

The patient may experience a small amount of pain after the anesthesia has lost its effect

The area being operated on in the Neck Lift procedure is a part of the Facelift procedure. But if the patient is specifically experiencing wrinkles and drooping skin on their neck, then the Neck Lift is a perfect match for them. A Facelift would not be ne

Yes. The Neck Lift procedure will eliminate any excess skin from the neck that has sagged and lost its elasticity

In this case, we recommend the patient to get a Submentoplasty to solve the problem of having Submental fat. The procedure will be more focused on the underside of the chin and the upper part of the neck for a more defined neck and jawline

Yes, the patient is able to eat and drink normally post-surgery

The decision of undergoing the procedure is dependent on the current condition of the patients’ skin around the neck and is not contingent on age

After the removal of stitches, the scar will slowly scab and heal within 7-10 days, and the overall healing process can last from 3 to 6 months

Yes, but the patient should wait for a period of one year before repeating the procedure