Targeted comprehensive skin rejuvenation


Mesotherapy is the administration of essential vitamins and growth factors into the lower layer of your skin for the benefit of a healthier and rejuvenated skin. It allows for precise targeting of areas in need of treatment. This procedure can be applied everywhere on the face and is able to remove excess fat, brightens your face, remove blemishes and wrinkles as well as minimising your pores in only a short period of time.

Why should you consider the Mesotherapy at Wansiri hospital?

Because at Wansiri, we have teams of experts that specialise in the field of beautification with the use of high quality equipment and medication for you to be confident in the safety and result of the procedure.

Who should consider Mesotherapy?

• Those who want to improve their skin condition rapidly
• Those who do not want to apply other cosmetic products frequently
• Those who experience sleep deprivation and lack time for self-care

Outcome of the treatment?

• A more youthful appearance with smaller pores
• Glowing skin and even skin tone
• A healthier and more soothing skin