“Change your eyes to be beautifully sharp, striking, and gleaming”

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid Surgery is not designed to make your eyes bigger, but also can solve other eye problems, e.g. monolids, uneven eyelids, Myasthenia Gravis, Epicanthal fold, and drooping eyelids. Wansiri Hospital can design an incredible new pair of eyelids for you with our “Perfect Eyes” Surgery.

Problems That Can Be Solved By Upper Eyelid Surgery


People with monolids are more Chinese-like. The upper eyelid skin droops lower than others. There is no eye crease which makes the eye look small and unlively. In some cases, people have hidden double eyelids as the age arises and the skin droops down even lower. The upper eyelid surgery is a solution to create a clear crease on the lids and make your eyes more lively in the most natural way.

Uneven Eyelids

This happens when one side of your eyelid doesn’t have a clear crease, making the skin droopy while the other side seems to have many layers of creases or is seen as a hollow eye. Some patients have this problem since birth, but some get it after their previous eyelid surgery. When the age increases, some patients’ eyes tend to become uneven due to Myasthenia Gravis. Upper Eyelid Surgery helps adjust the openness of the eye muscles. In some cases, patients need to get an Xanthelasma, a hollow-eye and eyelid adjustment to make their two eyes even, naturally.

Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis is an eye weakness disease in which the muscles at eyelids are not fully functional. It might happen to both eyes or just one which affects the lesser sight. The eyelid skin droops down until it covers the pupil and disturbs one’s visual perception. This surgery procedure can adjust the weak eye muscles according to the severity of the disease. To solve this problem, the surgeon will lift up the eye muscles to widen your eyes and create new balanced eyelids.

Epicanthal Fold, Small Eyes

The epicanthal fold covers the lower eyelids which make the eyes look small and short. For patients with small eye shapes, an epicanthal fold will make your eyes look even smaller. Epicanthal fold surgery together with upper eyelid surgery can help enhance the look of patients with crooked eyes or large double eyelids. As not everyone has the epicanthal fold, this type of surgery is not required for every patient.

Droopy eyelids (Excessive Fat)

People with this type of problem have hidden double eyelids since the eyelids consist of too much fat, causing uneven swollen eyes. When they open their eyes, the double eyelids are not completely shown. The surgeon will remove the excessive fat and skin, stitch the open slit to create double eyelids, and hide the wound inside that crease of the eyes.


When you age more, the double eyelids you used to have become droopy and keep lying lower until they finally blind your pupils. Some may suffer from it just a little. Meanwhile, this is a major issue to some people’s visual perception, they cannot open their eyes wide awake or even if they can, theirs remain uneven, heavy, and require an all-the-time eye widening. Upper eyelid surgery is a solution to fix this problem.

A Sub Brow Lift is a procedure performed to address sagging eyelids.

A Sub Brow Lift is a surgical procedure performed to correct drooping eyelid skin. It involves removing excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid area.

the Sub Brow Lift technique suitable for…?

  • Those who already have well-defined eyelid creases but experience sagging eyelids as they age.
  • Those who have previously had double eyelid surgery but still don’t have well-defined eyelid creases, experience drooping eyebrows, and saggy eyelids.
  • In cases where the eyelid creases are not well-defined, there is significant drooping of the eyelids, and excess fat.

Triple Eyelids 

Triple Eyelids are another disturbing problem for patients who have undergone upper eyelid surgeries. It can be caused by a surgical risk or age. When the age is higher, the fat underneath the skin is gone and causes these people to become hollow-eyed. The triple eyelids come from the lack of tissues or fat attached around the eyelid area which eventually make the lids triple themselves, instead of double. Anyway, you can get a technique to rearrange the fat layer and design your own new eyelids.

For those who are suffering from these problems, losing confidence in your look due to the aging facial features, unlively and sleepy eyes, come to Wansiri Hospital. Our surgeon specialists will design you new beautiful eyelids, adjust the eyelid layer to suit individuals for the best and most satisfying results.

Upper Eyelid Surgery is specially designed based on your eye shape and your new designed shape. The surgeon will evaluate your eyelid condition as well as its thickness, muscular strength, and finally design and operate the surgeries for each individual.

  1. Stitches Approach
    This approach is appropriate for those with thin, non-sagging, less fat eyelids. The surgeon will stitch the surgical suture as dots on the skin to create an eyelid crease. The number of dots depends on individual eyelid appearance. This technique will leave no slit mark and less swelling, easy-to-recover wounds. Due to this technique, it’s difficult to tell if one’s having the double eyelid procedure done.
  2. 1-cm Slit Approach
    For those who do not have much excess fat and eyelid skin to be removed, the surgeon will create a one-centimeter slit at the center of the eyelid to define a new eyelid crease and remove some fat excess. After that, the surgeon will finish it up by closing the wound with his/her advanced technique that guarantees you a neat, waterproof stitch.
  3. Long Incision ApproachLong Incision Approach is perfect for patients who have uneven eyelids or excessive fat around the eye areas. The surgeon will define a new eye crease and gently remove the fat, stitch the slit with his/her advanced technique that guarantees you a neat, permanent, waterproof stitch that is even hard to notice.

Gorgeous eyes are the proportional eyes to the overall of the face. They should have a length between those two around 30 to 34 mm. The position of perfect eyes is defined as they should be aligned with the eyebrows, corners of the eyes, and the wings of the nose with the eye tips straight and tiny cat wings at the end of both sides

  • The eyes should be wide open, with the irises fully visible. Normally, when we open our eyes, we should see the entire iris, with only a 1 mm overlap of the upper eyelid. The lower eyelid should be at the same level as the lower edge of the iris.
  • The upper eyelid margin should not be excessively deep or drooping, and the upper eyelid should not be too thick or protruding. The upper eyelid skin should have a natural and suitable fullness in relation to the size of the upper orbital bone. The upper eyelid crease should not extend too far from the outer corner of the eye to make the pair of eyes look beautiful and attractive
  • The eyelid should not have excessive puffiness that obstructs the freshness of the eyes. A proportionate opening of the eyelids will promote larger, more wide-open eyes without obstructing the pupils. Both upper and lower eyelids should be well-balanced and symmetrically opened to achieve the right aesthetics.
  • The distance between the eyes and the eyebrows should be proportionate to the face. The width between the eyes and the eyebrows should neither be too narrow nor too wide. If it is too wide, it can make the eyes look smaller. Therefore, people with low eyebrows may have limitations and may not be able to achieve larger eyelids, as it may cause the eyebrows and eyes to be too close together. If the eyebrows are very low, surgery to lift the eyebrows may be appropriate.

It doesn’t matter how problematic your eyelids are. Wansiri Hospital can help you solve any problems with our spectacular, neat operational techniques. We guarantee you no bruise around the eye areas. You can be confident in the result of clear, bright eyes and noticeable creases that fit every element of your face, perfectly. It’s time to have more fun with your makeup lifestyle.

If you have issues with :

Your monolid and desire for hooded eyelids

Your eyelids are unclear

Drooping eyelids

Uneven eyelids

Upper Eyelid Surgery is the procedure for you, right here, at Wansiri Hospital

Why Wansiri?


We have a team of devoted and attentive plastic surgeons that have years of experience


We have modern operating rooms, fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment approved by international standards


We have technology that allows you to see your final results before undergoing any procedures


We have medical anesthesiologists/ anesthetists that allow you to have a restful, pain-free procedure


We use a suturing technique that is water-resistant with detailed and fine stitches that allow you to recover faster


We are proud to present premium service standards to achieve the highest level of satisfaction


Operation Duration

1-2 hours.


Anesthetic at specific spot.

Overnight Stay

2-3 hours at the hospital.

Recovery Period

2-3 days after the operation.


The swelling will be gone in 3-4 days.

Follow-up Period

5-7 days (Stitch Removal)/ 1 month/ 3 months.


The results of the surgery are life-long and permanent

Yes, the patient can undergo other face contouring procedures in addition to getting Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid Surgery can partly help to solve sleepy or tired eyes

There may be a condition of bleeding under the eyelid tissue, but the body is capable of self-recovery.

It is most appropriate for a patient to undergo an Upper Eyelid Surgery when they have reached the legal age and are able to make their own decisions

The Upper Eyelid Surgery is not able to help with wrinkles on the side of the patient’s eyes. The patient should undergo a Temporal Lift instead

Yes, the patient is able to close their eyes normally after undergoing the procedure