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Breast Lift for firming and tightening

Breast Lift for firming and tightening, adjusting size, and rejuvenating to youthful appearance. Transform saggy breasts to be firm and beautifully shape

Breast-related issues for women are not just about those with smaller breasts. But “sagging breasts” are also another problem that many women find distressing.

It can lead to a loss of confidence, difficulties in choosing the right bra, challenges in finding clothes that fit beautifully, and it might even affect their romantic life.

Causes of sagging breasts include:

At Wansiri Hospital, there are precise surgical techniques available to address this issue. These surgeries help restore the firmness and shape of the breasts by removing excess skin, tissue, and fat. The nipple and areola can also be repositioned to better fit the breast’s new shape. In cases where the breasts are too large, a breast reduction can be combined with a lift. Alternatively, for severely sagging breasts that have lost volume, breast augmentation can be done in conjunction with the lift.

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