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Nose became infected, swollen, and almost ruptured from the thread lifting.

warning !! to those who say the dangers of thread lifting won’t have lasting effects…
Check out this clear progress. Customer decided to get it fixed here at Wansiri Hospital,
hoping this will be the last time.

This review communicates concerns and issues related to a thread lifting procedure 

and the individual’s decision to address the complications.


This case involves correcting the nose following complications from thread lifting. The nose became infected, swollen, 

and was on the verge of rupture. Dr. Saran addressed the structure using the “nose tip tissue release technique”


The procedure involves an open nose correction with a new design tailored to the individual. 

The tip of the nose is extended to beautifully match the facial profile, specifically addressing structural areas. 


This is suitable for those looking to fix issues with limited tissue or a short nose tip, 

allowing for desired projection without the fear of rupture

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